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    Distinguished future agents and distributors:

    Thank you for your support and attention to AVE.

    Adhering to the philosophy of “Honest, Equality, Complementary, Win-win”, AVE advocates a sincere cooperation and communal development with all agents and distributors! We value the long-term interests of all agents and distributors, pay attention to the cultivation and guidance of our distribution channels, and promise to offer the following guarantees to all our distribution channels:


    Guarantee of Products with International leading technologies, professional production experience;
    Guarantee of Competitiveness based on powerful brand-building and marketing promotion;
    Guarantee of Market with stable price system management;
    Guarantee of Service from our competent sales team and perfect service system.   

    We are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with more and more agents and distributors, based on mutual understanding and respect, common development and mutual benefit.


    Sincerely Yours

    AVE Team

    Let's get to know each other starting from the following questionnaire. Looking forward to cooperating with you soon!

    Future Agents / Distributors Questionnaire

    Basic Information

    Company Name
    Registered Add.
    Office Add.
    Establishment Time Registered Capital
    Tel. Fax.
    Contact Person Name Position Mobile Email
    Business Licenses Please Upload Files

    Detailed Information

    Company Scale Annual Turnover of Last Year
    Estimated Turnover of This Year
    Total Employees Sales Persons After-sales Service Person

    Main Business Scope

    Brands and Products Distributed

    Business Regions

    Dominant Business Regions


    Cooperation Intention

    Cooperation Type

    Distributor Dealer ?Others

    Products to Distribute

    Target Business Region Country Province/City Hospital

    Cooperation Term

    Year Month Day- Year Month Day


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