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    Integrated Urinalysis Analyzer

    Integrated Urinalysis Analyzer
    The AVE-772 Integrated Urinalysis Analyzer is combination of Urine Formed Elements Analyzer and Urine Analyzer.



    l Chemistry Measurements: 11 , 12, 14 parameters available
    l Microscopy Measurements: RBC, WBC, Epithelial Cells, Crystal, Casts, Mucus, Yeast , Bacteria, etc. Further sub-classification is available  with  manual on-screen verification

    l RBC Morphological Analysis: automatic analysis and generated with diagrams and images
    l Physical Measurements: color, turbidity, specific gravity and conductivity.
    l Extensional Measurement: pleuroperitoneal fluid , cerebrospinal fluid, gastric fluid , etc

      l Physical measurement: color, turbidity measured by RGB sensor; specific gravity measured by refractometer; conductivity measured by electrode method
    l Chemistry measurement: colorimetry
    l Microscopy measurement: Machine Vision Technology (Automated Morphological Microscopy)



    l Unique design with both Chemistry and Microscopy measurements integrated, which makes both measurements done by sampling once
    l Measurement Modes Optional: chemistry, microscopy, or chemistry+microscopy.

    Physical Measurement

    l Independent PMC module automatically measures color, turbidity, specific gravity and conductivity.
    l More accurate SG result measured by refractometer

    Chemistry Measurement

    l Patent strip feeding device
    l Innovative sample sprinkling technology to avoid undetecllon
    l Test results traceable with images

    Microscopy Measurement

    l Made strictly according to ISLH Recommended Reference Procedure for the Enumeration of Particles in Urine
    l Uncentrifuged urine sample at cutoff concentration level of 3-5 cell/ul are detectable
    l precise morphological analysis of RBC helps to determine the source of heπ1atuna
    l Standardized and confirmatory report with both images and diagrams available. Pop ups indicate on-screen verification with no need to redo the measurement
    l Self-learning function continuously improves the recognition accuracy.
    l Un-centrifuged urine microscopy reference values available
    l CFDA approved quality controls of four levels available


    Technilcal Parameters

    l Throughput:  Chemistry     Microscopy      Chem+M1cro
                                  240T /H        120T /H          120T /H

    l Min. sample volume: 5ml, 3ml intake for chemistry measurement and 0.5ml for microscopy measurement

    l Sample preparation: native sample

    l Built-in barcode reading: Yes
    l Counting Chamber: 3 channel
    l Detection rate: ≥98% for sample at concentration of 5 cells/ul

    l Accuracy: For chemistry measurement, comparing to reference solution, results are within tolerance of one level or no false positive and negative; for microscopy measurement, ≥95%
    l Repeatability: For chemistry measurement , CV≤ 1%; for microscopy measurement, CV ≤7%
    l Carryover: At concentration of 4600-5400 cells/ul≤ 1cell/ul,At concentration of 9200-10800 cells/ul≤2cells/ul

    l Verification: Full-view field images + segmented images
    l Report: comprehensive results with images and diagrams
    l Sampler: loading capacity of 60 samples

    l Strip tank capacity: 200 strips
    l STAT: available
    l Data interface: bidirectional
    l LIS/HIS connection: available
    l Results storage: ;;. 200,000 results
    l Dimensions: 825×650×545mm' Weight: 73kg

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